Little Blue Lines

My latest writing project is a radio play based on my own experience of early miscarriage.

During Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018 I arranged a first reading of the play. I invited members of the baby loss/ health care community who said it was authentic, believable and relevant. Other guests found it heartbreakingly funny and important. I was struck by how much of the information in the play was completely new to the audience and actors, and my initial intention with the play – to raise awareness about miscarriage- was boosted! I am collaborating with the Genesis Research Trust and other baby loss charities and hope to get it broadcast in time for BLAW 2019!

You can read more about my experience in an article I wrote for the Genesis Research Trust.


Amy has suffered three miscarriages in three years. The routine words of comfort have grown tiresome, she does not feel ‘normal’ anymore and Mother Nature can bugger off.

All she has to prove that those babies ever existed are the pregnancy tests that announced the happy news, a couple of scan pictures and a maternity exemption certificate that she was supposed to destroy.

When Amy gets pregnant for the fourth time she decides to tell the child growing in her belly about the ones that came before.

Around a quarter of a million women in the UK miscarry each year, the majority of those miscarriages happen in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Little Blue Lines charts the daily slog of miscarrying and the slow torture of recurrent miscarriage. It exposes a secret sisterhood going through this in silence (lovely women, shit initiation process); the need to break that silence and the reasons why this is still such a hard thing to do.

Photo of script